Are these your photos?


Yes, my photos are 100% real. The only alterations are my tattoos. I had them removed from the images - not because I am embarrassed of them, but because I prefer to maintain my anonymity.


I am new and have never seen a provider before. How can I be screened?


If you haven't seen any providers in the recent past and therefore are unable to provide references, that isn't a problem. I would still require background information for screening. This is to ensure my safety. Please be assured that I am professional and discretion is paramount. Your personal information is only seen by me and used solely for the purpose of verification.


Do you have reviews?


No, I do not. I am a firm believer that with any relationship or exchange there is a unique quality. There are no hard and fast rules per se. I am a very private person and with respect to that I value each of my friends uniquely.


I am also opposed to review boards in general. I feel that they devalue personal relationships.


However, in the interest of reciprocity, I am able to provide references from fellow established providers upon request. I have worked with other providers that would be happy to vouch for my professionalism and ease whatever hesitations that you may have regarding safety.


Do you only see women?


No. I am available to meet ALL genders. I am also available to meet with couples. My only concern is that all interested parties be completely comfortable with our meeting. I believe honesty and communication are key.



Why do you ask for deposits?


I ask for a deposit to help me manage my appointments. Deposits allow me to safely decline an appointment that is conflicting with a previous one without missing a wonderful opportunity to make a new friend. I am cautious to never overbook my time nor cancel on anyone. Making sure that I am rested and available during appointed times is very important to me, as I respect your time and ask that mine be respected as well.


It also separates casual requests from the more serious ones. All requests are important to me, but I have to give preference to those that secure my availability.


Deposits are also nontransferable if you need to cancel our meeting. I understand that emergencies can arise, however, I’ve set aside time to meet on an agreed upon date which means denying other requests.


Why don't you show your face in your photos?


I am not shy to say that I am a very handsome man with a million dollar smile, but my privacy and anonymity take precedent over all else.


Do you offer lower rates?


No, I do not. Whatever your view or opinion of paid companionship might be, I do not negotiate my rates. If you are unable to budget time with me at the moment, that is not a poor reflection on you at all nor is it a negative reflection on me. I choose to value my time and companionship in the manner that I do. That is a personal choice. And there are a wide range of providers offering varying services at varying costs. Find the one that is right for you based on your needs. Contrary to what some may believe, there is no "going rate" in this industry.


What I offer is my time and/ or companionship. I do not believe that the work that I do involves "selling" myself. I don't feel tasked with the "convincing" anyone to be a patron of mine. Those that would want my services would know it immediately, as one would in any sort of relationship. It simply "fits".


I believe that my character, personality, charm and other attributes that I offer speak the loudest about me.

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